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Turkish #Fried #Eggs #in #Herbed #Yogurt

So I fairly experience like I had been blab, blab, blabbing to you guys all week, but umm, my brother Kai and his girlfriend Caitlin simply stopped over to assert good-bye earlier than they depart for faculty (Cait to Cinci and Kai to LA). They are the final NULL “holiday guests” to cross and I am absolutely sad. One, as the holidays are over and I didn’t get sufficient relax time with my Christmas tree and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas (I possibly even cried throwing out my Christmas tree over the weekend) and two, simply due to the fact Kai and Caitlin are my most favourite people. They chat with me, Cait does my make-up, and Kai makes me DO things… like different than work.

Good brother, right?

They even got me to depart my area and challenge out into the actual international on Monday and head down to Denver to shop…till we dropped…literally. We shopped and shopped and I assume I handed out the second we got on to the road to head again up into the mountains. I assume it was the combo of tiredness and the bowl of rice + salsa little Miss Asher and I shared from Chipotle (rice for Asher, and salsa with a edge of rice for me, Kai got a burrito the measurement of my thigh…I was like, whooooaaa). Yeah, it is how we roll. Bowls of rice and salsa. Odd?? For sure, but good. So good.

We women like our carbs.

Also, I even have decided I am absolutely over being the third wheel. UGH. How are folks meant to meet different folks on this international in the event that they work from area and maybe… by using way of no means leave?? Oh man, oh man.

2016 life goal: get out and meet human being so I am now not the third wheel. Cousin Abby? You with me on this??

Anyways, they’re gone, and now it’s officially again to truth round here. Is this hitting anybody else somewhat difficult this week? I’m feeling like there would possibly be lots of us within the similar boat here, no??

Good information is I am bringing eggs to the desk today. Eggs all comfortable in a garlic herbed yogurt, topped with a spicy coconut butter and sitting on a work of fresh, hot, naan.


These Turkish fried eggs in herbed yogurt might truthfully be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The dish comes collectively so quickly, is absolutely wholesome and simply sort of the optimal energy meal. And did I point out there’s goat cheese concerned too? And sun-dried tomato pesto AND… a spicy coconut butter sauce – this sauce is legit and delish, and seemingly very typically paired with turkish eggs from what I even have read.

Traditionally, turkish eggs contain a butter sauce made of Aleppo chile pepper flakes, paprika and butter but I can’t get the Aleppo chile pepper flakes at my native grocery shop and I didn’t desire to order them from Amazon, so I simply used overwhelmed red pepper flakes. I’m certain the style is somewhat different, but I assume the butter sauce is amazing, so I’m going with it! I also used half coconut oil to hold this recipe on the more healthy side. After all, we’re staying committed to a Healthy January – remember!

I fairly love this recipe. The combo of fried eggs, creamy-garlicy-herby yogurt, spicy butter sauce, sun-dried tomato pesto and tender and fluffy naan is fairly out of this world. I introduced a few contemporary spinach for color, plus more veggies, a sprinkle of goat cheese and toasted sesame seeds.

This is my optimal anytime, any day, meal proper here. This meal comes collectively in beneath thirty minutes, and regardless of even if you’re utilizing store-bought naan or homemade, all the toppings are tremendous healthy. Hello greek yogurt, eggs, spinach, garlic, herbs, lemon, tomatoes, chiles and sesame seeds!!

You see, the optimal any time, any day meal!

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The Recipe
Turkish Fried Eggs in Herbed Yogurt.
By halfbakedharvest
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mediterranean, turkish
Keyword: cheese, eggs, herbed, yogurt

Eggs all comfortable in a garlic herbed yogurt, topped with a spicy coconut butter and sitting on a work of fresh, hot, naan.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings four Servings
Calories 482 kcal


    1 cup plain greek yogurt
    1 tablespoon contemporary dill chopped
    1 tablespoon contemporary parsley chopped
    2 cloves garlic minced or grated
    salt + pepper to taste
    four eggs
    four items naan
    zest from 1 lemon
    1/4 cup sun-dried tomato pesto selfmade or store-bought
    1-2 cups contemporary child spinach
    four ounces goat cheese crumbled
    toasted sesame seeds contemporary dill, contemporary mint and salt, for serving

Spicy Butter Sauce

    2 tablespoons butter
    2 tablespoons coconut oil
    1-2 teaspoon overwhelmed red pepper flakes
    1/2 teaspoon candy paprika


    In a bowl, blend collectively the greek yogurt, dill, parsley, garlic and a pinch of salt + pepper. Stir till combined. Keep kept within the fridge till capable to use.
    Heat a skillet with somewhat olive oil or butter over medium-high warmth and fry the eggs on your liking.
    Spread the yogurt sauce over a work of warm/toasted naan. Swirl 1-2 tablespoons of the sun-dried tomato pesto into the yogurt. Next upload 1-2 eggs per piece of naan. Sprinkle every piece with lemon zest and contemporary spinach. Drizzle the spicy butter sauce (recipe below) over the eggs. Garnish with contemporary herbs, sesame seeds and a few crumbled goat cheese. EAT!

Spicy Butter Sauce

    In a small saucepan, melt collectively the butter, coconut oil, overwhelmed red pepper flakes and paprika. Drizzle the nice and cozy sauce over the fried eggs.

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