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Homemade Roti Canai - Food Eli 3

What is Roti Canai?

Roti canai if translated instantly from Malay language could be “Flying bread”. Roti is bread. Canai is flying or further wisely is the technique of throwing the bread dough within the air in a spinning motion, with the purpose of having thinner and larger flat dough.

Roti canai is a really recognized dish in my house nation Malaysia. It’s a flatbread with affects from India. It’s typically purchased in Mamak restaurants and eaten with dhal curry. You too can have it with fish curry and sambal or with any of those curry recipes:

    Chicken Curry
    Beef Curry
    Dhal Curry
    Sardine Curry
    Chickpea Curry

Roti canai

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Roti canai and us

In my whole complete life again in my house country, I’ve only purchased roti canai at our favourite Mamak restaurants. When the complete household party or whilst relatives got here to visit, I could rise up very early within the morning and went to purchase like 30-40 items of roti canai for breakfast. My nephews or nieces could tag along. And yes, we’re that many.

I count number in my 11th birthday my father requested me what I wanted, I stated I needed roti canai. And so he purchased me roti canai

Roti canai for me isn’t just a flatbread that I consume with dhal curry. For me, it reminds me of all these superb testimonies that I cherish of my family.

And now that I’m dwelling right right here in Spain, I don’t desire to lose all that. I began making my very own roti canai. Something that I idea I could by no means be capable to do. But I did it. Until now.

My husband is a fan of roti canai once I brought it to him. He just fell in love with roti canai and dhal curry. Sometimes I assume he’s a larger fan than I am.

And now for me making roti canai is nothing rare. I desire to make use of my status mixer to do all of the kneading. It does take fairly a few minutes to knead as we desire the dough to be very elastic. This will make it simpler to stretch later.

I don’t do the flying dough method. No, nope. I merely stretch the dough on my kitchen excellent till it’s obvious thin. Then I could make it into spherical or sq. shape. In the video under you’ll find a way to see how I all of the time do it. It’s very simple. My husband at the different hand, is practicing the flying dough method. Once he nail it, perhaps we movie it for the channel

So if you’re dwelling overseas and lacking your roti canai, do strive this recipe. Or if you’re again house and merely desire to make selfmade roti canai, this recipe is for you. I wish you’ll just like the roti canai like we do.

Watch find out find out how you’ll find a way to make roti canai within the video below:

Authentic Malaysian flatbread recipe or famously recognized as roti canai. Fluffy and mushy with crispy edges. This selfmade roti canai could be very simple to prepare.
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Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian
Servings: 10 pieces
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Passive Time: 8 hours

    four cups bread flour (520 gr)
    1 egg , room temperature
    3 tbsp unsalted butter (40 gr), melted
    1 tbsp condensed milk
    1 1/4 cup water (310 ml)


    In a status mixer bowl, upload in flour, egg, melted butter, condensed milk and water. Mix to contain and knead for 10 minutes. Leave to relaxation for 10 minutes and knead for one other 5 minutes.
    Divide the dough into 10 small balls. Coat every ball generously with unsalted butter and area them in a container that has been generously buttered. Cover the container tightly with grasp movie and preserve within the fridge overnight.
    The subsequent day. Spread a few unsalted butter at the operating surface. Take one ball and flippantly flatten it. Press and push the dough with the heel of your palm to make it bigger. Stretch it as thin as possible, till you’ll find a way to virtually see by way of it. Now after which unfold a few soften unsalted butter on it to assist the stretching. Optional, lift up one edge of the dough and gently pull to stretch it even more.
    Scrape and push the higher cease of the dough to the middle. Do the similar to the decrease end, forming a wrinkle thin log. Starting at one cease of the log, roll it right into a circle and tuck the different cease inside. Leave apart for 10 minutes earlier than cooking. Meanwhile you’ll find a way to proceed with the relaxation of the balls.
    Once prepared to cook, take one rolled circle and flatten it into further or much less 10-15 cm diameter. Heat a few unsalted butter on a pan utilizing medium heat. Place the flatten dough at the pan. Cook for a couple of minutes after which flip. Continue cooking for a few minutes more.
    This is foremost for a fluffy roti canai. Remove the cooked roti canai and area it on a operating surface. Immediately yet closely seize it utilizing equally of your palms and squeeze it to the center. We desire to fluff it. You can see this facet further clean within the video above.
    Keep the roti canai under a kitchen material to preserve them warm. They’re greatest eaten with dhal curry or any sort of curry with a few sambal. Enjoy!