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So alongside with delicious summertime foods, and the pleasant and cozy climate that’s certain to be upon us quickly (please inform me whilst I get again – I will clarify beneath – that we’re able to have magically morphed into complete on summer) comes new animals on “the homestead”.

Things are getting variety of thrilling round here. I know, I know, I’ve already instructed you in regards to the goats, which I suppose will possibly be arriving this weekend (a little little bit of a bummer since this weekend I will possibly be out-of-town, BUT very excited to see them whilst I get home), but now there can also be the danger of a couple of horses coming to board with us this summer. YES!!

Horses! Like every one little girl’s dream (and in my case giant girl’s). With that said, there are nonetheless loads of particulars to be labored out. Horses are loads extra work than chickens and goats (not to point out extra money) but this summer time we might in reality simply be boarding three horses for person else. They might go away within the autumn however it surely surely might be a huge trial run to see if we (meaning my dad…who ought to maybe simply stop his day process already and turn out to be a pro dishwasher/farmer/handyman) can truly deal with horses…along with the chickens and goats we already have.

Like I stated though, this one is nonetheless in hassle-free terms within the discussion phase. The fellow (<–look I am so grown up) who’s interested in boarding his horses right right here is coming over immediately or tomorrow to chat, so we’re able to understand extra particulars soonish. Fingers crossed though.

Oh, and obviously here’s the purpose for my Pinterest horse photograph binge the different day. Sorry, nicely not really.

Let’s see, what else.

I truly sense like updating you guys on life today…but um, my life is truly not all that interesting, and all I ought to chat about are the data that I am excited the grass is lastly getting green, horses might be coming, the goats ARE coming and a sunny Cali work journey starts tomorrow.

Oh, however the Cali work trip?? Any of you LA folks have ideas for me? Places to eat? Things to do? Possibly the greatest mystery vintage prop outlets (think dishes and ancient vintagey things) that I simply HAVE to hit up?? I may even be heading down to San Diego, so ought to you understand of some huge outlets down there as well, PLEASE… share, share, share!

Would LOVE any and all enter on this. I head out tomorrow on an early AM flight, so I am recently within the frantic state of “oh my gosh, I in reality have so loads to get accomplished within the subsequent 16 hours – help”. It’s so loads fun – NOT.
Coconut Honey Lime Filipino Chicken Adobo Skewers .

They’re variety of fun, right?? I mean, I absolutely remorse my styling decisions right right here in those photos, simply due to the fact now all of the colours simply annoy the heck out of me and I hate watching at them, but then again, I hate virtually all of my photos. Why is it that we’re our toughest critics? I mean, it’s truly simply no fun.

Aside from the photos, this fowl is so delicious. Super basic and right for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend plus similarly huge during the relaxation of the pleasant and cozy summer time months. Traditionally, Filipino adobo fowl isn’t grilled or made on skewers, but anything about meals on a stick simply makes me happy. I suppose it’s the kid internal of me attempting to destroy by means of my difficult as nails, no fun pores and pores and dermis (harsh, but type of true). Or maybe, I simply identical to the concept of not having to debris with slicing up my chicken, simply due to the fact whilst it involves food, I desire it in my mouth. Messing with knives and such simply plain annoys me.

Wow, I suppose it’s clean that I in reality have like zero patience. Maybe I ought to work on that?
Coconut Honey Lime Filipino Chicken Adobo Skewers

Ok, but in all seriousness, I adore this chicken. It is so flavorful and so quickly to prepare. It’s somewhat candy and tangy with a good contemporary trace of lime. SO GOOD.

I served my fowl with a part of coconut rice and a fruit salad. Perfect for a quickly meal or basic entertaining.
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The Recipe
Coconut Honey Lime Filipino Chicken Adobo Skewers.
By halfbakedharvest
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Asian, Filipino
Keyword: chicken, coconut, honey, lime, skewers

Cookout/picnic/warm weather/fun time food!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 6 Servings
Calories 281 kcal

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